Weight: 13–35 pounds: Height: 9–17 inches:.

. Mini Blue Heeler size and height.

Weight: 25-50 pounds.

If you are interested in this dog breed, you must know how big the Blue Heeler would be when fully grown and their age of full maturity.

. ). That makes Blue Heelers 6 to 10 times heavier than Chihuahuas.

When looking for a puppy it is likely you will need to look for Australian Cattle Dog puppies.

With such liveliness, it’s essential to find out how big they get – and what age they typically reach their final size. Historically, these dogs were bred to work on farms as. The normal Blue Heeler will stand between 17 to 20 inches tall and weigh between 30 to 50 pounds when completely grown.

In adulthood, male Heelers are approximately 19 inches tall and weigh in at 37 to 45. COAT: Dense double coat.


Standard Size of a Blue Heeler.

Blue Heelers also resemble the Australian Dingo as they have features like upright ears, a balanced physique, short fur, and an athletic body. Factors like gender, age, lifestyle, and diet affecting this number.

With their compact, muscular build, it’s no surprise the breed is related to Australian Dingos, the legendary wild dogs of the outback that have been around since ancient t. Even.

However, this doesn’t really give us an accurate picture of the potential size range.
Male blue heelers typically stand at around 18-20 inches at the shoulder, while females are smaller at 17-19 inches.

If you are considering getting an Australian Cattle Dog, then you may be wondering just how big this breed will get.


. However, this doesn’t really give us an accurate picture of the potential size range. Mini Blue Heeler size and height.

. . ). They weigh up to 25 lbs and grow to be as tall as 15 inches. Group: Working. .

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As medium-sized dogs,. May 14, 2019 · Red Heeler Puppy.




Coat: Short to medium-length coat, smooth and soft fur.